Never before have more people had the chance to go whale watching than today. Most of the time it's just the fleeting moments that whale watching tours offer. But these are enough to make us wonder and awe and hold our breath for a brief moment of happiness. But if you get closer to these huge animals, even come into contact with them, it can change your entire life.

In our two books we not only report on our personal encounters with the whales, but also describe some details of the anatomy of whales and dolphins. Since the books are now out of print and no longer in print, we would like to make excerpts of some chapters available to the public.

Sperm whales - in the dark blue of the sea

In their first book they talk about their experiences with the gentle giants and how they managed to gain the animals' trust.

They experienced the sperm whales - contrary to their reputation as combative creatures that can easily sink large ships - as shy animals, which gave them a small insight into their lives, their social structures, their behavior and into the wonderful secret of birth and growing up. Readers witnessed this special encounter between animals and humans, documented with never-before-published, fascinating photos and supplemented by new, interesting research results. Even in our computer-controlled, high-tech age, sperm whales are still mysterious creatures; we know almost everything about their dead bodies but next to nothing about their lives.


Whales closeup

The second book brought readers closer to the whales than they had ever seen before

Exciting and sensitive, they allow readers to take part in their up-close whale encounters. With unique recordings, especially of the three large ones, the blue, humpback and sperm whales, they document the findings they have collected from observations around the world. What was unique was their years of accompanying the “Group of Seven”, a group of sperm whales, the largest predators on earth, where they were able to experience the maturation of a young bull from birth.

In close-up photos you will immerse yourself in the world of whales and learn interesting research results from the mysterious life of these sea giants.


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